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~lish is a London based contemporary journal in the Foreigner’s English. We publish critical theory, literature and poetry.

We view the Foreigner’s English as the language that belongs to and is shaped by all who speak it. It is not a wide range of incorrect accents through which one can be identified and alienated. English is no longer only owned by those who have it as a mother’s tongue. We believe that by acknowledging the Foreigner’s English as legitimate, we give the English language the possibility to transcend its colonial and imperial past. We recognize those who have learnt this common tongue whether by choice or through force.

English belongs to all of its speakers and so do its rules. The Foreigner’s English does not have one unifying grammar and dictionary. Language must adapt to its surroundings. Vocabulary must adjust to its environment; shifting and morphing for survival, as with every living thing. Its correctness is determined and developed interpersonally, between us who use it.

Communicating in the Foreigner’s English sets us free. We can bend and twist meanings as we choose, setting the directives through the ways in which we speak and write. It is playful; poetic; we continuously learn and unlearn it; it is alive; the criteria for tone and text are fluid: therefore, fluent.

ISSN (printed): 2633-819X
ISSN (online): 2634-3932

Executive editor: Evelina Hägglund

Editor: Adrian Olas

Publication and web design: Sean Burn

Technical assistance: Jonathan Hägglund

Special thanks to: Eric Moses, Juliette Pénélope & Sara-Lot van Uum

Contributors: Lillian Allen, Boris Buden, Laura Cemin, Rubèn Fernández, Nicoline van Harskamp, Pilar Izquierdo, Rosa Johanna, Matej Kavčič, Andrea Knezović, Jakob Niedziela, Ida Parise, Francisco Tomsich, Daniella Valz-Gen

*Disclaimer: Lish does not necessarily hold the same opinions as the contributors and vice versa.

~lish was founded in December 2019 by Evelina Hägglund in collaboration with Stella Cade Rotstein